KH Weekly

Executive Assistant Tips: Be Accessible

How to become a better and more present executive assistant

Make time for your executive, keep communication open. The core task of an executive assistant is to protect the interests of their executive. You must be present, entertain, organize and plan when they cannot. You must always be a text or a phone call away. 

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Executive Assistant: Outfit Ideas

Appearance is a very important element. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, make it count.  Remember you are a reflection of your executive. Some companies are more casual which is fine, let your executive take the lead, however, be mindful of events and meetings. 

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Executive Assistant Tips: Time Management

Time management can be one of the biggest struggles as an executive assistant. It is a true skill that takes continuous effort to master. 

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, with meetings, events, birthdays, deadlines and a million things happening but this is what makes it a true career that requires dedication and passion.  

Effective time management truthfully requires continuous effort, forecasting and flexibility. Arguably one of the most important qualities an executive assistant should obtain is a can-do attitude. Problem solving is a key element when it comes to planning out your day, think confidently and logically as you structure your day each morning.

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Executive Assistant Tips: Event Planning

My Exec celebrated 25 years with our company! How crazy right?!

Sharing ideas on Event Planning for an executive team. Trader Joe’s is my favourite, they have lots of yummy treats perfect for any event, not to mention beautiful flowers. I decided to create charcuterie board style trays, making clean up easy. Also created a sweet charcuterie tray with fruit, chocolate and my execs favourite, gummy bears! I used brown food grade paper down the middle of the table and flowers to decorate. Very pleased with how the surprise came together. Hope this idea inspires future event planning!

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Happy Boss’s Day!

Boss’s Day is October 16th but we celebrated today on the 15th (we work from home on Friday’s). There is still only a very few of us in the office due to COVID of course, but I enjoy our little office group. I decided to pick up our favourite pastries, balloons and create the sign! Both execs had a super busy schedule today so I picked up our favourite Italian food. Encourage you to show appreciation to those who make an impact!!