Executive Assistant Skills: Event Planning

My Exec celebrated 25 years with our company! How crazy right?!

Sharing ideas on Event Planning for an executive team. Trader Joe’s is my favourite, they have lots of yummy treats perfect for any event, not to mention beautiful flowers. I decided to create charcuterie board style trays, making clean up easy. Also created a sweet charcuterie tray with fruit, chocolate and my execs favourite, gummy bears! I used brown food grade paper down the middle of the table and flowers to decorate. Very pleased with how the surprise came together. Hope this idea inspires future event planning!

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Becoming an Executive Assistant has been extremely exciting! There are many components to consider and I am going to share what works, I cover topics such as analysing behaviours, advice & communication, as well as creating your own database! I also concentrate on the non-traditional components, such as how to work through change effectively and coping through difficult times. 

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Boss’s Day is October 16th but we celebrated today on the 15th (we work from home on Friday’s). There is still only a very few of us in the office due to COVID of course, but I enjoy our little office group. I decided to pick up our favourite pastries, balloons and create the sign! Both execs had a super busy schedule today so I picked up our favourite Italian food. Encourage you to show appreciation to those who make an impact!! 

Only 42% of Americans have passports, which is a 15% growth from 2007. 76% of Britain are passport holders. The US is much larger of course, you can travel across many different states and gain whole new experience but 42% as of 2016 is low. 

It can be hard to know where to start when considering moving abroad. I share tips on some of the most important elements to consider, as well as how to be real with yourself and figure out why you want to move to begin with. I share why I left London and why I decided to move to Atlanta, along with my thoughts on working for a European company in the US.  Read More

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