Saturday, January 23


Becoming an Executive Assistant has been extremely exciting! There are many components to consider and I am going to share what works, I cover topics such as analysing behaviours, advice & communication, as well as creating your own database! I also concentrate on the non-traditional components, such as how to work through change effectively and coping through difficult times. 

The eBook breaks down how you can apply these elements to your career. Click Here To Purchase!   I also share tips on the type of company and industry you may want to seek out, while also helping you create a “non-negotiable” list!

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Spanx has expanded and developed a vast amount in recent years and with that growth they have become very trendy on social media and among “influencers”. I discovered Spanx leggings through a friend at work, she had a few pairs and I thought they were so pretty and chic! Once I saw the price, I thought hmm, will the leather look last. Are they worth it? I now own two pairs and well… Read More

It can be hard to know where to start when considering moving abroad. I share tips on some of the most important elements to consider, as well as how to be real with yourself and figure out why you want to move to begin with. I share why I left London and why I decided to move to Atlanta, along with my thoughts on working for a European company in the US.  Read More

Looking for a fresh and “unique” scent?  Six of the most luxurious scents!  Read More 

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